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Percent off

what is the reduced price if the original price
gets a percentage discount of
  % ?

Fixed amount off

which percentage does the fixed amount off
represent if the original price is

Our website allows you to easily calculate discounts in the UK. Discounts are usually based on percentages, so calculating discounts is actually a special type of percentage calculation. Find out what discount percentage you will get and our calculator will calculate the adjusted price for you. A reverse calculation is possible as well. Suppose you get a discount of a fixed amount. Then you probably want to know what percentage this fixed amount represents in relation to the total price. Our calculator can easily calculate this for you. How to use our calculator? Fill in all fields of the above form and click on the button. Then the result of the calculation will appear on a new page.

Formula to calculate discounts

Percent off:
reduced price = original price - (discount percentage * original price / 100)

Fixed amount off:
discount percentage =100 - (100 * (original price - fixed amount off) / original price)

Why are discounts important?

Offering discounts on various products is a brilliant way to get people to your store or webshop at high speed. Whenever a potential customer hears about a discount being given, he will be interested in your products in no time. Discounts are not only good for your clientele; they also help your business in various ways. Think for example of higher sales figures and improved publicity of your company. An attractive price promotion is relatively often the one ingredient that can lead to success. In addition, a very large group of people also prefer to buy products on sale.

Generating more paying customers

Giving a big discount on a certain product is a smart trick to bring more customers to your store. If the discount is only valid for a specific number of days, it is important for you to apply the correct marketing around the discounted items. For example, it is best to clearly state until when the discount period lasts. Your potential customers are more likely to rush to your store or webshop to have a look around, if they know that they only have a few days to do this.

Achieving savings

In addition to the fact that interesting discounts generally generate more sales, it will also help your customers save some extra money. To tackle this effectively, it is important to use a small psychological trick here. For example, if you use a loyalty points system, where customers can save a certain number of points with each purchase, customers are more likely to come back to your store with a subsequent purchase.

Different types of discounts

In the materialistic age in which we currently live, there are many different types of discounts. Below the most important discount actions are briefly listed!

Percentage discounts
For most companies, giving percentage discounts is no more than normal. Where a product normally goes for the full 100% of the price, only 70% of this price will remain during a discount period for example. Your customers hereby save 30% on their purchase.

Discount for second product
This type of discount is relatively common as well. However, this type comes in a lot of variants. For example, think of discount promotions like:
* the second product -50%,
* four products for the price of three,
* when you buy two products you get the third for free.

Loyalty card

As already described above, a loyalty card is an attractive way to get customers back to your store. You can for example use a stamp card. If a customer buys products in your store for 30 euros, the customer will receive a loyalty point on his or her card. If the same customer has a full loyalty card within a certain period, then the customer will receive a certain amount of discount with a subsequent purchase. This often gives customers just that little bit of extra motivation to keep returning to your store.

Discount codes on web shops

Another smart way to advertise discounts is by issuing discount codes. These are often sent by webshops through email, or when a visitor to the relevant webshop creates an account. If the customer enters the discount code with a subsequent purchase, he will receive a certain discount.

Discounts for regular customers

You of course always want to keep your regular customer base happy. That is why it is essential to regularly offer your regular customers something extra. This is often done in the form of attractive discounts, which are not intended for everyone. It is of course important that your other customers do not experience any adverse effects because of this. If this does happen, you can respond by giving those customers the same discounts as the discount that apply to your regular customers.


A discount promotion is usually noticed fairly quickly by your competition. Therefore, there are certain days or periods in the year when it is normal for companies to offer discounts. For example, consider Black Friday and Cybermonday. These terms have blown over from the US and usually lead to very high discounts for mostly electronic devices. In addition, there are the well known sale periods, which usually takes place on a large scale several times a year. Other occasions include the clearance sales of shops that are closing or shops that have moved, for example.